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Return to Play Strategy

Click here for our full Return to Play Strategy for 2021

For insurance purposes we are required to have a safe return plan. Provided below are guidelines that fit within our leagues daily operations based on the OASA Return to Play Guidelines. Depending on what we are permitted by the city some of these guidelines may not be applicable. Link for the full Return to Play Guidelines from OASA:

2021 Rule Amendments

Click here for our full Coaches Plan and Rule Amendments for 2021

In order to keep everyone safe and to meet the requirements set out in our Return to Play Guidelines, we will be altering the rules of play for 2021. The following is a summary of the top line changes for 2021:

  • Due to availability issues and the amended season, there will be NO Umpires at any age group.
  • Each diamond will be assigned an SSA Safety Officer who will be responsible for wiping common surfaces, administering hand sanitizer and enforcing masking and distancing rules.
  • Games will be based on 5-Pitch rules with no balls or strikes called.
  • There will be NO Contact on the Field of Play.
  • Safety bags (White/Orange bases) will be employed at First, Second and Third base.  Fielders will use white, runners will use orange.
  • Every play at a base will be a “forced out” – there will be no tagging.
  • Runs will count when a player passes a “scoring line” perpendicular to the front edge of Home Plate.
  • Stealing of bases will be allowed in U12 and U17
  • A “Commit Line” will be used halfway between Third Base and Home Plate.
  • A Runner will be declared Out if a ball is successfully caught by a Fielder who makes contact with the base before the Runner.  “Ties” will go to the runner.
  • One Catcher will be selected for each team during each game.  Catching gear will be Sanitized by SSA Safety Officers each night.
  • Any Un-Sporting-Like Play is prohibited. 
  • Masking and Distancing are mandatory (unless otherwise stated/agreed upon before gameplay begins).
  • The SSA Safety Officer will have the same authority as an Umpire in enforcing any of the above Covid-amended rules and regulations as well as any standard Rules of Play.
  • Anyone who blatantly disobeys any rule may be subject to ejection from the park and possible suspension from the league at the discretion of the League Executive.



Screening Protocols

Click here for our full Screening Distancing & Sanitizing Protocols for 2021

Every Participant (Players, Coaches, Volunteers) MUST sign a Covid-19 waiver at the time of registration. Regular Covid checks will be done through the TeamSnap App.

No Person shall enter the Controlled Diamond area or Field of Play without satisfying the league's Covid Screening Protocols.

For more information, Email the League