Scarborough Dragons Softball

2021 Scarborough Softball Association Coaches Information Package and Rule Amendments


Health and Safety Protocols

The SSA Return To Play Guidelines will be followed.

Masking and distancing (6 feet or 2 metres) are mandatory (unless otherwise

directed by SSA Executive).

Each diamond will be assigned an SSA Safety Officer who will be responsible for sanitizing common surfaces, bats and balls regularly, administering hand sanitizer

and enforcing masking and distancing rules.

The SSA Safety Officer will have the same authority as an

Umpire in enforcing any of the Covid-amended rules and

regulations as well as any standard Rules of Play.

There will be NO sharing of masks, helmets, gloves, clothing or water

bottles. Each player is required to bring his or her own Covid mask, baseball

glove, softball approved helmet with face cage & water bottle. 

All snacks; including sunflower seeds, gum etc. are prohibited on or around all

fields of play.

When not on the field of play, players will be spread out on benches and bleachers or will be assigned specific areas on the grass marked by coloured flags.



Hats and jerseys will be distributed to players, coaches and volunteers in approximately 2 weeks.

All players must wear pants, socks & closed toed shoes – no shorts,

capris, sandals, slides, flip-flops or Crocs allowed.

Jewellery must be removed or taped including Medical Alert. 



Equipment will remain in the bunkers at the diamonds.


Emergency Plan for Diamond Locations

Have someone call “911” and state the location of accident/ injury and have them direct the ambulance into location.

Contact parent/guardian to advise of injury. 



Diamond Location

Adams Park

2 Rozell Road

North Diamond #2 or South Diamond #1

Seven Oaks Park

372 Military Trail

North Diamond #2 or South Diamond #1


Training Plan for Skills/Drills

Short run

As a team.  Not a race. Gets the heart working and wears off some energy


Set some expectations for future


Proper throwing techniques and muscle memory

  • Start with wrist flick throwing. Glove under elbow

  • Proper Stance

  • Gradually  bring in proper technique and add distance.

Second/ Short Drill

Proper throwing, thinking, and reflexes.

  • Half at Short and Half at Second. Start with throwing to first 

  • Switch players  up regularly

  • Advance to calling the throw to first or second then first (gets more people involved and gets them thinking what to do)

Player running bases (offensive player positioning)

Teach offensive thinking;

  1. Run through orange bag. Listening to coach.

  2. Run to orange bag at 2nd and 3rd, watch/listen to 3rd base coach.

  3. Explain commit line and cross safe line at home

Player playing bases (defensive player positioning)

Teach positional thinking (what do I do if the ball comes to me, or doesn’t?

  • Where to stand when playing all infield positions 

  • Explain force outs at all bases incl. Home 

  • Put players in positions. Coach hits and calls out plays (where runners are)

  • Add runners (coach hit)


Focus on form and position to start


Remind them to relay

  • Pop flies to outfield players

Batting practice

Two to three batters. Focus on form and position.

  • Give each player a couple of hits and have them run on the last pitch


Players on teams, focus on skills learned

Rules of Play




Ball Size (inches)





Pitching Distance (feet)




Base Distance (feet)




Infield Fly 




Dropped 3rd strike






When ball crosses

the plate

When ball leaves the pitchers hand

Pitching: No. of appearances



Pitching: Consecutive innings




All games will be based on 5-Pitch rules with no balls or strikes called.

There will be NO contact on the field of play.

Safety bags (White/Orange bases) will be used at First, Second

and Third base. Fielders will use white, runners will use orange.

Every play at a base will be a “forced out” – there will be no tagging.

Runs will count when a player passes a “safe line” perpendicular to

the front edge of Home Plate.

A “Commit Line” will be used between Third Base and Home Plate.

A runner will be declared out if a ball is successfully caught by

a fielder who makes contact with the base before the runner.

“Ties” will go to the runner.

One catcher will be selected for each team during each game.

Catching gear will be sanitized by SSA Safety Officers each night.

Any unsportsmanlike conduct is prohibited.

Anyone who blatantly disobeys any rule may be subject to ejection from

the park and possible suspension from the league at the discretion of the

League Executive.




Safety Base: A runner advancing to 1st base must use the safety base (Orange) if there is a play to run through the base, and similarly the fielder at 1st must only use the white base to make a defensive out.

Infield Fly: Applicable in instances where there are base runners at 1st and 2nd, or 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with less than 2 outs. When a pop-fly is deemed by an umpire to be easily caught by an infielder, infield fly is called by an umpire and the batter is automatically out. The base runners are not forced to advance and do so at their own risk. (U17 only) 

Dropped Third Strike: Applicable when 1st base is unoccupied or there are two (2) outs, when third strike is called and the catcher does not catch the ball, the runner may attempt to advance to 1st as the ball becomes live. (U17 only)

Safe Play at Home A safe line and a commitment line will be in place for U12 & U17.