Scarborough Dragons Softball


2021 SSA Covid Screening, Distancing and Sanitizing Protocols

We anticipate the Outdoor Gathering Limit to be 100 when we get started.

The Team Snap App will be used to keep Covid screening up to date.

It is imperative that all parents and participants fill out the League Covid Waiver as well as a standard Medical Form for each player.

Parents who are not participating in On-Field Activities are asked to stay behind the yellow ropes and out of the Controlled Diamond Area.

Masking, Distancing and Contact Tracing through Screening is Imperative for SSA – We DO NOT want to be responsible for a Covid Outbreak.

Anyone arriving at the park for any activity will have to enter through our Tent or Checkpoint and will be given a hand stamp to identify that they have been screened.

Masks will be mandatory at all times for both Spectators & Participants.

Standard 2m (6 foot) Distancing will be expected of Everyone not participating in On-Field Activities.

When not on the Field of Play, Players will be spread out on benches and bleachers or will be assigned specific areas on the grass marked by coloured flags.

There will be NO sharing of masks, helmets, gloves, clothing or water bottles

Food is Prohibited on or around all Fields of Play

Bats and Balls will be Sanitized Regularly by on-field Safety Officers

Players will be given hand sanitizer on a regular basis


Anyone who fails to meet our standards will be asked to leave the park in accordance with our Permits issued by the City of Toronto