Scarborough Dragons Softball

Rookie Ball (T-Ball) 


Ages: 4 & 5 Day(s): Tuesday Time: 6-7:30pm

Dates: Mid-May to Mid-August Location: Seven Oaks


It all starts somewhere...

We call our T-Ball program "Rookie Ball" because it's more than just T-Ball.  Organized by veteran softball and hockey coach Kevin Mercer, our group of parent-volunteer coaches teach the basics of the game through fun and interactive learning stations.  

Each week players learn how to throw, catch, hit and run the bases as a team before facing off against a rival team in a sometimes hilarious maelstrom of little tykes falling in a pile on top of a ball!

Rookie Ball emphasizes fun and teamwork while teaching the basics of a game that anyone can play.  Scores aren't kept, but the coaches keep track of each player's progress and reward the most improved rookie in each category at the end of the season.

Many of our Rookies become hooked on the sport at this age and stick with softball through their childhood and into their teens.


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