Scarborough Dragons Softball

Scarborough Softball - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will be Game Night? Is there a practice and what day?

Please see the chart below for expected game nights, practices are usually two (2) days before the game day (practice day at coaches discretion) Note: Rookie Ball only runs one (1) day per week with a combined practice and game on Game Night.

2019 rate schedule

2. What is the start time?

Start time for games and practices is 6:30 pm (6:00 for the Under 6 program). Players are expected to arrive with ample time before the game.

3. Where do we play/ Practice?

General Field Locations Field locations have been provided as a general direction from where teams played last year and where games are intended to be played, and team numbers change field locations may change.Seven Oaks(Military Trail off Neilson Rd.) Home diamond for Under 6 - Under 12 Adams Park (Port Union south of 401) Home Diamond for Under 16/17

4. Is it too late to register? I missed registration day can I still sign up?

While early registration guarantees a spot, generally before May 1st. There are often many open spaces available after this, please email to inquire.

5. When does the season start? How long?

Rookieball: Season starts in late May as soon as it is warm enough (and dry enough) to get out on the fields. Season runs through the first week of August.

All other age groups: Practices start the week of May 15th with games starting the week of May 22nd, the season runs through to the end of August.

6. My child has never played before is that okay?

Absolutely! Scarborough Softball operates as a learning fun experience that can be picked up at any age.

7. Do you have a T-ball option?

Rookie Ball is Scarborough Softball’s version of T-ball. See below for an explanation of Rookie Ball

8. What is rookie ball?

Rookie ball is designed as a fun experience where we can introduce and develop some of the basic principles of throwing, catching, and batting through games, drills, and short fun baseball games. Batting is done off a Tee.

9. Is the league co-ed?

Junior teams are coed while separate boys and girls teams are fielded for older age groups.

10. What does my registration fee cover?

Registration fee includes all costs from Opening Day to Championship Day including full uniform.

 Only things required are an individual glove and running shoes.