2024 SSA U12 & U17 Rules


The objective of the participating associations is to engage players to the game of softball in a manner that ensures they have fun. Interest in the game will be fostered by giving each player the opportunity to participate in all games. Good sportsmanship must be demonstrated at all times by (and to) the Players, the Coaches, Spectators and Umpires alike.
All Softball Canada, O.A.S.A., and P.W.S.A. rules apply unless stated otherwise below.


2.1 Length of Game: The maximum number of innings per game is 7 innings.

o Early games begin at 6:30 p.m.. Forfeit / Default time is 6:45 p.m.. No new inning after 8:10 pm, hard stop is 8:30 p.m.

o Late games begin at 8:45 p.m.. Forfeit / Default time is 9:00 p.m.. No new inning
after 10:25pm, hard stop is 10:45 p.m.

2.2 Unplayable Field Conditions: In the event of inclement weather, The Convenor may
cancel any game prior to 5:00 p.m.,   via TeamSnap, after which point it becomes a game time decision. The Umpire in consultation with the coaches will evaluate the condition of the playing field to decide if the game will be cancelled. The Umpire’s decision is final.

2.3 Cancelled Games: The Convenor will attempt to reschedule.

2.4 Lightning: The Umpires will call the game any time they see lightning.

2.5 Blood Rule

● Any player, coach or umpire showing evidence of external bleeding for any reason will be removed from the game until such time as the bleeding is stopped. Substitution for a bleeding player will be without penalty. If a substitute player is not available, the Umpire shall allow a reasonable amount of time for the player to resume.

● Any portion of a player's, coach's or umpire's uniform or clothing soiled by blood, must be removed. Sufficient (and reasonable) time will be allowed for this purpose. A replacement sweater does not have to conform to the common sweater uniform rules in this situation.


3.1 All players present must be included in the batting order.

3.2 Each team must have a minimum of 8 players to start and finish the game.  They MUST have 7 from their own team, and can use CALL-OVERS to a maximum of 9 players.

3.3 No player will sit twice, until ALL players have sat out once (defensively). No player
may sit out two consecutive innings (defensively). Except for disciplinary reasons.

3.4 Overage Players: May play 1 year down, he/she may pitch, and participation is dependent on decision by league executives.

3.5 Only registered players are permitted to participate in any game or practice.

3.6 Coaches must rotate players through different positions giving players the
opportunity to play both infield and outfield.


4.1 Pants: Players are not permitted any combination of shorts, pants and/or socks,
which do not completely cover the leg.

4.2 Catcher: The catcher must be equipped with a helmet and facemask (with throat
protector), chest protector and shin guards.

4.3 Gloves: Trapper glove may only be used by Catcher and First Base.

4.4 Helmets: All batters, base runners, and on-deck batters, must wear a batting helmet
with a full face mask. Batting helmets must remain on and strapped while on the playing
field. A warning will be given to both teams for the first offence of this rule.  The subsequent offence by either team will result in an out.

4.5 Shoes: Shoes must be worn on the field. Only plastic/rubber cleats/spikes are
permitted . All shoes, including players and coaches, must be fully enclosed; no slip-ons,
clogs, sandals, etc.

4.6 Safety bases will be used at first base.

4.7 Jerseys: must be tucked in at all times when on the ball diamond.

4.8 Defensive Face Mask: all players are required to wear a face mask while pitching.


5.1 Infield Fly: Applicable in instances where there are base runners at 1st and 2nd, or
1st, 2nd and 3rd, with less than 2 outs. When a pop-fly is deemed by an umpire to be
easily caught by an infielder, infield fly is called by an umpire and the batter is
automatically out. The base runners are not forced to advance and do so at their own
risk. (U17 division only)

5.2 Dropped Third Strike: Applicable when 1st base is unoccupied or there are two (2)
outs, when third strike is called and the catcher does not catch the ball, the runner may attempt to advance to 1st as the ball becomes live. (U17 division only)

5.3 Overthrows: A live ball that is thrown or knocked out of play will result in all
base runners being awarded 2 bases from where they were at the time of the throw.

5.4 Throwing the Bat : At the discretion of the umpire any batter found throwing the bat
can be either given a warning or will be given an automatic out. Repeat offenders, or if
deemed intentional, players can be removed from the batting order and be an automatic
out for remainder of the game.

5.5 Safety Play at Home (U17): A safety line and a commitment line will be in
place for U17 play.

● Commitment Line is a line, drawn 20 feet from the back of the plate (point),
perpendicular to the third base foul line. No runner can be tagged once passed
the commitment line, if so, the runner is safe and the ball is live. If a player passes the commitment line and then attempts to go back to third base they will be called out (excluding tag ups and missed bases.)

● Safe Line is a 10 foot line, drawn in foul territory, from the left front corner of
home plate perpendicular to the third base foul line. When the runner touches
ground beyond the line prior to the defensive player holding the ball touching home plate, they are considered safe. The runner shall not make contact with home plate, if so, they will be called out and the ball is live.

(For limits to number of innings pitched please refer to the table provided.)


7.1 CATCHERS, COACHES, and PARENTS must wear a mask while receiving warm-up
pitches on the playing field during practices and games. If the person catching refuses to
wear a mask, when requested, the players involved and the head coach will be removed
from the game.

7.2 A game official (plate or base) will alert the head coach of the request to correct the
infraction, giving them the opportunity to correct it. A Convenor or League Executive can issue the request and notify the plate umpire.


8.1 Mercy Rule: A team will bat until 3 outs are recorded or 5 runs have scored (Mercy
Rule), whichever occurs first in the first four innings. In the fifth and subsequent innings
a team will bat until 3 outs are recorded or 7 runs have scored (Mercy Rule) whichever
occurs first. The last inning will be called by the umpire and be an open inning for U17.

8.2 The winning coach is expected to send the game score, to the Division Convenor through TeamSnap, within 24 hours of game completion.  Failure to do so, will result in a forfeit, with a score of 7-0.


9.1 Protests are not allowed on regular season games.

10.0 EJECTIONS AND SUSPENSIONS - Ejections are issued by a member of the Umpire staff, which includes any executive member.

10.1 Players or team officials ejected during play or at the conclusion of play by the
umpire will leave the playing field and if so designated by the umpire, the park. (the park
is defined as the parking lot designated by the Umpire) . A first ejection carries an
immediate suspension of 1 complete game played. A second ejection in the same
season, or a first ejection deemed serious will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee,
which may suspend the person a minimum of 1 game, and maximum of the remainder of
the season. The coach of the team with the ejected player is responsible for communicating the ejection to the Division Convenor through TeamSnap.

10.2 Volunteers or spectators ejected must leave the park, (the park is defined as the
parking lot designated by the Umpire) within 5 minutes of ejection; otherwise the coach
will be ejected. If the coach does not leave the park within 5 minutes, the team forfeits
the game.

10.3 Failure to report an ejection to the convenor prior to the next game will result in a forfeiture of the subsequent game and any additional games until the ejection is


11.1 Safety Base: A runner advancing to 1st base must use the safety base, if there is a
play, to run through the base, and similarly the fielder at 1st must use the white base to make a defensive out.

11.2 Defensive Conferences: A coach may have two defensive conferences for each
pitcher, in each inning. On the second conference the pitcher must be changed and a new pitcher must be played.

11.3 Offensive Conferences: In the spirit of teaching players how to play the game, we
want to encourage coaches to help players in need when in the batter’s box. As the
players get older and gain more skill, less of this will occur. At the umpire’s discretion, a
warning may be issued to the offensive coach if the Umpire feels the game is being
delayed for a competitive nature. A second warning may result in an ejection of the